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Workshop Internazionale



Data da 26-05-2022 a 27-05-2022
Sede Grand Hotel Mediterraneo Firenze - Centro Congressi Globo - FIRENZE IT
Regione Toscana
Figura Professionale Medico chirurgo (Discipline: Anatomia patologica, Chirurgia toracica, Malattie dell'apparato respiratorio, Malattie infettive, Medicina interna, Radiodiagnostica)
Costo 300,00€ + IVA 22%
Members of Societies WABIP/ EABIP / ERS / AIPO-ITS / SIP 200,00€ + IVA 22%

This Research Seminar (RS) will provide the framework to explore recent and possible future advances in the field of Interventional Pulmonology (IP) that can
improve health related outcomes.
IP is rapidly growing providing a number of advances in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic pulmonary and thoracic medical procedures for a variety of
pulmonary illness. While the future of IP will continue to grow, we believe that a research seminar focused on the recent advances and upcoming technologies,
which may influence the field, would provide a great background to fuel valuable research collaborations, novel ideas, increasing the knowledge in
IP and raising awareness on the importance of IP. Promises and challenges associated with growing in IP needs to be addressed to help the development
of this rising discipline.
This RS will fuel IP research with higher potential to be soon apply in clinical practice and was conceived to strengthen the links between interventional
pulmonologists who are active in the field of clinical research and those who want to lay the foundation for future projects and collaborations. An
international panel of experts from different areas of expertise will present and discuss the current knowledge, will identify open issues and future strategies for
research focusing on those with higher translation potential towards the clinical setting. Presentations from young researchers will be encouraged and more
experienced investigators will support researchers at many levels stimulating networking and new ideas.

*Contattare la Segreteria Organizzativa AIPO Ricerche in caso di pagamento esente IVA (Art. 14).

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Durata 17 ore
Codice Evento 346795
Obiettivo Formativo Linee guida - Protocolli - Procedure
Tipologia Evento Workshop Internazionale
Numero Max Partecipanti 100
Provider AIPO - Associazione Italiana Pneumologi Ospedalieri (5079)
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